Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been masturbating a lot lately.
It's not that I haven't been having sex, I have. Eclectic Listener and I have been having a fantastic time fucking each others brains out. It never gets old. The mere thought of his cock makes my mouth and my pussy wet. But, I have still been enjoying the feel of my hand between my legs.

I still stand by what I have said before- giving myself orgasms makes me a better lover. For the most part, I'm comfortable in my own skin. I have grown to love my body with its faults. I love my breasts. How firm they are and when my nipples get hard, my piercings stand out. My full lips. Curves. I think masturbation is at least partly responsible for this. It's hard not to love your body when it brings you such exquisite pleasure.

Cumming. Over and over.

Eclectic Listener tells me to cum on his cock and I do. And, sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get to lick my juices off of him before he explodes in my mouth. I love him pushing my hair out of my face so he can watch me take all of him in. My cheekbones standing out from me sucking so hard. He grabs my hair and I moan with him still in my mouth.

I feel that familiar wetness between my thighs and, I have to indulge.

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1manview said...

If it feels good... "Do IT" .... It's your body, so touch it...
You are not alone, when I do a poem on woman masturbating, I always get a good comment from somebody...